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36 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Week 37

Here I am in week 37 and I feel the baby behaving differently! Instead of being quiet and having hiccups 2-3 times a day, she almost lost the hiccups and is wriggling around much more. I also feel her as if she descended slightly. I think she might be arriving in two weeks time, which […]

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Pregnancy Week 33 – She’s On Her Way

She seems more and more real to me with the hiccups and the stretching in my belly and even reminding me to be happy – when I once got sad and started crying she was obviously disturbed and made me throw up – that definitely stopped the crying! She’s clearly on her way (it’s only […]

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Pregnancy Week 24 – Baby is Viable!

This sure is a major milestone! If baby were born today, it would have over 50% chances of survival! One of the many amazing things of this week is that I can not only feel my baby kick with what I think is intent but I can also see my tummy moving as she is in action! […]

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