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Wordless Wednesday: Pregnant Picture (In Bikini!)

Here’s the mama corresponding to the baby from last week’s post! DO YOU HAVE ANY PREGNANCY PICTURES YOU LOVE? PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW 🙂 You might also like: Wordless Wednesday: Baby Mia In Pregnancy Week 36 Growing Pregnant Belly Week By Week First Letter To Mia (Age 8 Months In Mommy’s Belly) […]

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40 weeks pregnant

Growing Pregnant Belly Week By Week

(Scroll down for pictures of pregnancy.) The pregnant belly is a mystery (well not for your gynecologist, but still), it’s where the miracle of life starts (really that would be the fallopian tube but let’s not get into details now), it’s where we’ve all spent 9 months (some much shorter!) before we came to this […]

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Pregnancy Week 32 and Plus 9 Kg

I lost weight! I had gained 11 kg from the beginning of my pregnancy to week 29 and since then I lost 2 kg! However if you compare the pictures, especially if you look at my growing pregnant belly slideshow you will notice that the bump is getting bigger! So why am I lighter? I’m thinking […]

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