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Pregnancy Week 3 – One Sperm Has Won The Race!

You don’t know it yet but early this week one sperm will have made it to your egg and that will become your baby! Some women claim they can feel concepction, good for them! I’m not that psychic 🙂 What’s happening this week? Once sperm enters egg, the egg splits and forms nuclei of ovum. […]

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Pregnancy Week 2 – You’re Ovulating!

You will be ovulating by the end of this week so have lots and lots of … can you guess what? In the meantime eat healthy, exercise, relax and have fun! Personal experience: once every two days in that window frame should do it 😉 What’s happening this week? Towards the end of this week, one […]

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Before You Conceive – Recipe For Baby

I know it’s a simple question but the answer might not be as simple as you might expect. So if you want to have a baby here’s my recipe: Go to your gynecologist and tell her you’re planning to be expecting, she will most probably have you get some standard blood tests done to make […]

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