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Welcome to the travel part of my blog! This is a continuation of my single lady’s travel blog: Now it’s even better!

6 Months Pregnant on The Beach in Princess Cays

I absolutely loved the swim I recently had in the Bahamas – just floating around in the blue blue water made me so happy, I think I spent a whole hour swimming! All the people around me who knew I was pregnant were quite surprised I had all this strenght but believe me I did […]

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Pregnancy Week 23 in Aruba

Aruba is just great for its sandy beaches and warm blue water! It was so warm and easy to get in and when swimming I had the feeling of floating just like my little baby girl must be experiencing in my belly – or something close to that! I still fit in my regular bikini […]

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Pregnancy Week 23 in Curacao!

Well this was fun! Here’s a picture of me and my little princess in my tummy in Curacao! I wonder if she will remember any of this – I did read somewhere that baby starts remembering things at around this time of pregnancy. For sure our little girl will be well traveled even before she’s […]

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