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When I Think About Giving Birth I Feel… (Fill In The Dots)

Blessed. What a beautiful experience to bring a child to the world. NOT. The mere thought of childbirth makes me feel nauseous. Oh God. Whenever I see a pregnant lady I think: “You have no idea what you’re up for! You’re going to have to squeeze a porcupine out of your ass!” Then again, she […]

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water birth

Why Water Birth

As soon as I fell pregnant I knew I wanted a water birth. I hadn’t done any research on the subject, it just felt right to me. After reading several books on childbirth I learnt that being born in water is the least traumatic way of coming into the world, that water babies smile more than […]

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full moon

Full Moon Babies

Will we see more babies born today – when the moon is full? I am already past my due date and all the unsolicited advice givers tell me that baby girl is going to pop out when the moon is full – so in my case, today. I live in a little village in Italy […]

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Better Than Orgasmic Birth

I watched Orgasmic Birth last night, for the second time during my pregnancy. While I enjoyed it the first time I saw it, watching it yesterday did not result in what I was expecting. Instead of feeling empowered and ready for birth (which is imminent, as I am due in 9 days), I got a bit […]

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baby in arms

Third Stage Of Labor (Placenta Delivery)

Shortly after your baby’s birth, the cord will be cut (in a natural childbirth you wait for the cord to stop pulsating before cutting it) and you will deliver the placenta. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: The third stage is from the birth of your baby until the delivery of the membranes (the amniotic bag that surrounded your […]

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baby finger

Birthing A Child (Baby’s Descent)

At my prenatal classes we’ve learnt about the first stage of labor: latent and active, and the second stage of labor. We will now move on to pushing your baby out! PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: The need to push is increasing as the baby’s head descends. Contractions might be further apart. There might be some blood expelled and bowel movements during […]

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newborn baby

Baby Birth Guide

As my pregnancy and the joys of the pregnant growing belly are nearing to an end I am preparing for labor and delivery. TYPES OF DELIVERIES Quite early on I became aware of the fact that “each mode of delivery may be retained in emotional or cellular memory, influencing personality and actions throughout lifetime” thanks to […]

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baby mommy

Labor Prediction Quiz

I was wondering when my baby will come when I stumbled upon a fun labor prediction quiz at justmommies. Here are my results: Get your bags packed early just in case you need them. Make sure your partner has a phone available when he’s away because this baby just might come early. We predict your baby […]

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baby operation room

5 Reasons You Should Avoid a C-section

C-sections scare me. The very thought of somebody knocking me out and cutting my abdomen gives me the chills. An emergency c-section is one thing and if it’s supposed to save mine or my baby’s life then bring it on but what I just don’t understand is a c-section because you can (bribe the doctor […]

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pregnant woman

Second Stage Of Labor

We learnt about the second stage of labor at our prenatal class yesterday. This was a continuation of the previous lessons, in which we studied the first stage of labor – latent and active. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: The second stage of labor starts when your cervix dilates from 5 to 10 cm. Contractions are stronger and […]

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My Dream Birth

Inspired by this month’s blogging carnival and yet not being able to participate since I haven’t given birth yet I would like to share how I would like it to look like. It’s not exactly a birth plan as it does not contain the various stages and what I expect to be doing in each of […]

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Embracing Your Birth Experience

Two mommy bloggers at  Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama throw a blogging Carnival of Natural Parenting on a monthly basis. This month’s theme was: “Embracing Your Birth Experience”. While I do not have a birth experience to share yet, I will next month and it is fascinating for me to read these mamas’ stories: I Had A […]

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First Stage Of Labor – Active

During our third prenatal class we learnt about the active stage of labor (1 to 5 cm dilation), which follows the latent stage. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Pregnancy Day By Day defines this phase as the individual point for each woman where cervical change happens more quickly and predictably. For most women, active labor occurs at around 4 […]

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HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method

Preparing for childbirth, I keep reading 🙂 Today I would like to share with you my favorite quotes/takeaways from HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing (3rd Edition) These are the parts I highlighted: 95% of families have normal, low- or no-risk pregnancies. Your journey into parenthood is one […]

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