BUMPTABULOUSFOR THE EXPECTANT MAMA: 20 laugh-out-loud-funny moms describe their pregnancies, revealing the secretly-guarded details of their conceptions, the great and gross about pregnancy, the truth about childbirth and how their life changed once their little womb-hijacker finally came out.

From the book:

I was 15 when my doctor told me, “Rachael, you will never have children.” I grew up thinking that I was going to be a lonely spinster with cats because my uterus was too scarred.

Rachael Miller,


I gave birth to all three of my sons in the same hospital with the exact same anesthesiologist, whom they are all named after.



Before kids, my husband would fill the tub with bubbles and wash my hair to get me in the mood.  

But after kids?

Well, now my husband fills up the sink with bubbles and washes the dishes to get me in the mood.

Susie Johnson,

FOR MAMA’S SOUL: First subliminal self-help book. This book is a guided tour of the intricate mechanism of your thoughts, teaching you how to master it in such a way that you attract into your life whatever you desire. The message at the heart of Read Me – I Am Magical: Open Me and I Will Reveal 12 Secrets to Love, Happiness & Personal Power. As You Leaf Through Me See How Remarkable You Feel is that everything you wish for in your life already exists – in your mind, and that there is a universal law that can transform this into reality in your day to day life. Just like gravity, this law applies to everything and everyone. But what is still not clear to most people is how to put it into practice. By the time you finish reading this book, however, you will possess all the skills and knowledge you will need to master this magical law and change your life forever. The information and techniques found in this book are not taught in any school, or in any middle or higher education facility, although the author believes they should be among the very first things we learn. Now they are in your hands, you have the power to make remarkable use of them. You now have all it takes to make the magic work. Just by opening this book and leafing through its contents – without reading more than a few words – you have taken your first step to becoming an empowered creator of your world, whether you know it or not. It’s not what you read that will have the most impact on you, however. It is the subliminal messages hidden in the book that make the read a truly exhilarating experience. What advertisers have been doing for decades – influencing your choices without your conscious participation – is being applied in this book – though this time, you are informed. This work provides you with life-changing insights interwoven with powerful, positive subliminal messages that flow directly into your subconscious, which does not judge and has no sense of humor. Your subconscious mind will not argue. Your subconscious mind will take this seed for granted and direct your conscious mind to grow from it a beautiful plant. Enjoy.

Get your copy of Read Me – I Am Magical: Open Me and I Will Reveal 12 Secrets to Love, Happiness & Personal Power. As You Leaf Through Me See How Remarkable You Feel
from amazon or from my estore!

FOR MAMA’S BODY: Italian cookbook! Because in a healthy body resides a healthy soul! All Maya & Filippo’s favorites are included!

By Alinka Rutkowska and Malvina Bertonati, who is a chef and owner of a traditional Italian restaurant “Da Malvina” in one of the most popular seaside tourist destinations: Bonassola, right next to the famous Cinque Terre in Liguria, Italy. She has been cooking with passion for the last 40 years and she received a national award for her tasty, healthy and traditional cuisine. She was knighted for her services to the industry. Get your copy here.

Compra Fuori dalla mia cucina! (Italian Edition) in italiano su amazon oppure qui 


Not only books! We’ve also got fun t-shirts for expecting mamas who want to share their news with the world 🙂 The cute drawings feature the same characters (however in the womb) whose adventures are described in the Maya & Filippo Series for children.

There is a wide variety of unique designs for the exciting time of when your baby is still in the womb! Funny maternity cartoon t-shirts are ideal for pregnant women to show off their bellies and share their joyful anticipation of their baby to the world. Just click on the designs to explore this fascinating universe!

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