What’s In That Diaper Bag?

What to carry when going out with baby

So what do you carry in that diaper bag? Any new mother might ask. Or any stranger. You know you carry this huge bag around, what’s in it? I’m doing out of curiosity! Here I come to the rescue, the secret of my diaper bag is being revealed!


If baby takes a massive dump or needs to hurl, you need to change her immediately. So I have TWO pieces of anything she might need – just in case she hurls and then takes a crap in her new clothes 😉


Diapers, duh! Butt cream, sun cream, wipes, tissues, special disinfecting wipes in case rude strangers touch your baby’s hands (have they no decency at all?)


Ok, you’re not going to need this stuff for like 6 months if you breastfeed, but after that you need, bibs, bottles and food!


You have to entertain your kid! The pacifier – for starters. And some more sophisticated toys for bigger babies.

Don’t forget to check if you have plenty of everything before leaving the house! Better to have the stuff and not need it than to need  it and not have it!

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Author:Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka is a best-selling and award-winning Children's Author.


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