Reality Is A Mirror (A Short Story On Manners)

pouring wine

A very interesting thing happened the other day. I was in my mother-in-law’s restaurant, helping my baby walk around, we had dinner, sang songs – you know, a regular evening. The restaurant guests were indulging in seafood and wine. At a certain point I was asked to one of the tables as an interpreter.

The table was a mess, all the shells from the seafood scattered on the table, staining the tablecloth. These ladies must have never been to a classy restaurant, I thought.  “Good evening, how can I help you?” I asked politely.

Four angry eyes looked at me and I heard: “we are not paying for the water because we didn’t drink it, we are appalled by the service: nobody gave us plates for the shells, nobody poured us wine and nobody smiled at us.”

Before I managed to say anything, they left.

How is it possible that most guests were happy, regular customers with a smile on their faces, while these two were miserable and polluted the atmosphere around them?

If I had the chance, I would tell these two: “If you order the water – you pay for it, you had the plates for the shells under the dishes, you just didn’t use them, nobody poured you wine but you certainly helped yourselves to the whole bottle. Ladies, not in all restaurants there’s the custom of the waiter pouring the wine. Who didn’t smile at you? I know the guys sitting at the table next to you weren’t interested so they didn’t smile. I also heard that you scared some of the servers with your angry stare. And ladies, life is a mirror, if you smile at life, life smiles right back at you.”

I also noticed that they did not complain about the food, they couldn’t – it’s exquisite! Check it out here:

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