When A New Mom Visits An Even Newer Mom


Last night a friend of mine had a baby and we went to see her in the hospital today. My first impression: OMG she is SO small! Was my baby ever so small? I don’t remember…and yet she was even smaller. Second thing – the baby does NOTHING, she just wants to suck the breast and sleep! Thirdly, you want to pour all the wisdom you accumulated in the previous months as a mother onto your new mother friend:

But you don’t do it. You just shut up and admire her little bundle of joy with everyone else.

And now about the mom. I looked at her and thought – OMG, she is in so much pain (even though she looked great and seemed just fine), all the nasty hemorrhoids are expecting her. The sleepless nights. The never-ending chain breastfeeding. And I’m like – thank God, this is all behind me.

Or is it? What if I have another baby? Then it’s going to be the pregnancy nausea, the incredibly painful birth pushing, the breastfeeding and the no-sleeping all over again!

I’d better enjoy myself while I can…

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