Cinderella – WTF?

Yesterday I read the classic and beloved “Cinderella” story to my baby. While reading I was thinking – what the f**k is this supposed to teach her? That she should be hoping to be saved by some prince to live happily ever after?

This story is wrong on so many levels. It completely disempowers little girls who identify with Cinderella. Since somebody will just come and save them, they don’t need to study or set goals and work towards them.

Yes, I know it’s just a story but why not have a story that empowers children, that teaches them something real rather than imaginary.

Do I have any antidotes for this poison? Of course I do! I didn’t start writing children’s books for nothing. I write because I want my daughter to learn about the world, about her endless possibilities, about the power of her will.

My antidote starts here:

Children who read “Maya & Filippo” embark on an exciting adventure with the characters as they travel around the globe on board the “Fun Princess” – a cruise ship full of surprises. They discover fascinating ports of call, join the siblings in activities at sea, and explore the magical world they create through the power of their thoughts.

When our little ones read these books they understand that their thoughts and actions lead to achieving what they desire. They do not sit and wait for someone to save them. They learn about geography, friendship, adventure and the deliciousness of life that they have yet to discover.

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Author:Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka is a best-selling and award-winning Children's Author.


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