Are You Sleeping Towards The North? Beware!

I’m not sure why and how I figured that your sleeping position – mainly whether your head faces the north, south, east or west – may have some sort of impact on your life. So I did a little research and here’s what one Vasthru Sasthra Master is saying. OK, before I state what he’s saying, I must admit, I have no idea what Vasthru Sasthra is. I assume it’s some sort of hidden eastern knowledge or yoga or something, anyway here’s what this master says:

The head should never be towards north while sleeping. Never sleep with the head towards the north because the magnetic field of the earth lies in a north-south direction energy levels can be thrown out of balance by this strong field. Sleeping in this direction may cause difficulties in having children, nightmare and disturbed sleep.

That sounds scary – so I immediately checked which direction we were sleeping and guess what – it’s the perfect north!


This blog is focused on parenting, so I obviously do not have difficulties in childbearing.

Nightmares? No, not really.

Disturbed sleep? Hell yes! I think I wake up like 3 times minimum and up to 10 times at night. Sometimes it’s my daughter’s crying that makes me jump out of bed but sometimes it’s the need to go to the bathroom, well – whatever it is – I only vaguely remember the good old single times when I used to sleep from 4 o’clock on a Saturday night to 16.00 on a Sunday afternoon.

12 long hours.

In a row.

Totally undisturbed.

Which direction was my head facing? No idea. I’m not sure I even made it to my bed before collapsing on the kitchen table. Fun times!

Anyway – now what? Should we move our perfectly positioned bed so that we no longer face the north? Should we just move the pillows and ourselves instead of the bed? Should we just ignore it?

Being the scientist at heart that I am – I will definitely give this phenomenon some thought. Will keep you posted!


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