Do You Travel With An Infant?

I sure do! OK, I must admit – I don’t get it when new mothers say “we’ll come visit  when we get settled down” or “we’ll go on vacation when the kids get older”. Whaaat? What is it that you can’t do on the go?

I see that I am in minority when I just pack my bags and leave – you do need more time and more bags but that’s it – we’ve already taken the plane a few times and it all went very smoothly – as for baby eating – my baby is in love with my breast so feeding is not an issue. She usually falls asleep right afterwards, so sleeping isn’t an issue either. Now she also eats solids – same stuff we do!

I often hear – “we need so much stuff – we need the little bathtub, how else are we going to bathe our baby”. In the sink – is my answer. Or take her to the shower. I now regularly shower with my 7-month-old.

So all I need to pack is more of the same stuff I carry around in the diaper bag. Plus her vitamins, optionally a blanket and towel (although hotels have these), her toothbrush (we now brush the 4 teeth she has!), bottle and we’re ready to go!

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Author:Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka is a best-selling and award-winning Children's Author.


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