Take A Seat Now That You Can

It’s only been 5 months since she moved from my uterus through my vagina into the birthing pool and now she can sit! What’s next!? Crawling? This new milestone make me as happy as a clam at high tide. And I am as proud as any parent can be when their little one masters such essential skills like walking, talking or  pooping into the toilet. My baby saying: “Mama, I’m going to take a dump” will be an accomplishment the size of a fast food lover’s belly.

Does this change my life? Oh, certainly!

– At the mall. Here’s what you do at the supermarket when your baby can’t sit: a) you push the stroller and pull the shopping cart as gracefully as an elephant in a porcelain shop; b) you carry your baby like a proud mama kangaroo would – and book a chiropractor’s visit; c) you dump your baby’s car seat (with baby in it) into the shopping cart – this leaves you enough space to purchase two lollypops, maybe three.

Now that my baby is sitting I can place her into that shopping cart baby seat hoping she’s not going to lick the rail and pull of the shelves about anything she can reach.

– At the airport. Basically – you can’t put your baby on the floor – not without hundreds eyes staring at you with of contempt. This means that any national or international flight you take – you must be accompanied – and being dependable like that makes me as happy as a man would be seeing his favorite models in granny pants.  When you can have your kid sit on the floor it gives you two hands to fold the stroller with or scratch your back and neck at the same time.

– At home. If she can sit – she can play way longer on her own because she has so many more things to do – this gives mama plenty of time to take a shower, fold the laundry, make soup, eat the soup and then write really useful blog posts like this one.

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Categories: Baby Manual, Humor

Author:Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka is a best-selling and award-winning Children's Author.


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