Teddys for Sandy

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Mommy2one writes: “A lot of you that have already sent your teddy bears and facebook friends, family etc, already know but for those of you who are just learning about “Teddys For Sandy”….Here’s how it all began..

A few weeks ago our family set out to have some fun by visiting our local homeless shelter and donating some old toys.

Since, our little girl was 3 years old, we’ve had a family tradition. Every year, she will go through all of her old toys, pick out the ones she doesn’t plays with anymore, and put them in a box to donate to the salvation army for children less fortunate.

We figured this would be a great way to teach her to appreciate what she has. However, today our visit to the salvation army came with some very bad news.

After talking with the manager of the donations department, we learned that this year (in particular), Christmas is going to be especially difficult for many of the children and families effected by the storm. In fact, the donations they are getting are barely enough to provide assistance for families much LESS Christmas toys for the children.

In fact, many of these children may not even HAVE a Christmas this year because of the hurricane. The news of this was very heart wrenching.

I couldn’t help but think what if it was MY little girl that wasn’t going to have a Christmas this year? What on earth what I do?

For a minute I considered asking a few friends for a few old toys and mailing a few extra toys to the salvation army near where sandy did all the damage.

After all, I do know some friends in that area. But that was just not practical. After all, The postage for bulky toys would be outrageous.

So, I didn’t give it much more thought until the next day…”

For more info on how you can help children affected by hurricane Sandy have a Christmas present this year please go to http://answerboat.com/teddysforsandy/


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Author:Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka is a best-selling and award-winning Children's Author.


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