13 Days To Launch of “Bumptabulous”

I’m so excited! In 13 days “Bumptabulous” will be launched! The idea for this book came when I was still pregnant – I wanted to hear other perspectives on some matters. I found the moms and with a little work (mostly using one hand while supporting my daughter with the other as I was breastfeeding her) it has been created:

20 laugh-out-loud-funny moms describe their pregnancies, revealing the secretly-guarded details of their conceptions, the great and gross about pregnancy, the truth about childbirth and how their life changed once their little womb-hijacker finally came out.

From the book:

I was 15 when my doctor told me, “Rachael, you will never have children.” I grew up thinking that I was going to be a lonely spinster with cats because my uterus was too scarred.

Rachael Miller, offbeatmillers.wordpress.com


I gave birth to all three of my sons in the same hospital with the exact same anesthesiologist, whom they are all named after.

J.S. threewildthings.wordpress.com


Before kids, my husband would fill the tub with bubbles and wash my hair to get me in the mood.

But after kids?

Well, now my husband fills up the sink with bubbles and washes the dishes to get me in the mood.

Susie Johnson, not-your-average-mom.com

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Author:Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka is a best-selling and award-winning Children's Author.


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