Pregnancy Week 40

39 weeks pregnant

OMG entering week 40 – in a couple of days my life will change forever!!! Everything is ready and we can’t wait but I think I also don’t realize what is about to happen! Let’s take it step by step and see what’s happening this week:

  • According to my favorite pregnancy book Pregnancy Day By Day all hte milestones are safely passed and mom will meet her baby any day now.
  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 37-38 cm or 14.6-15 inches. Baby weighs about 3.4 kg or 7.5 pounds.
  • At full term the baby has rounded cheeks typical of new babies.
  • The skull bones are separated by membranes that allow for movement between bones and an easier passage of the head through the birth canal.
  • Mom may have a sudden burst of energy.
  • Mom needs to look out for signs of upcoming labor. Only around 10% of women’s water breaks before the onset of labor.
  • Non stress tests are usually done if baby goes past the due date.


You may experience deep and painful twinges, and practice contractions, known as Braxton-Hicks’, particularly toward the end of pregnancy. It’s easy to mistake these for the real thing, and you may find yourself rushing to the hospital when your body is really still practicing. You may also experience regular contractions for a period, which then stop. All of this is normal.

One sure sign that labor is imminent is that you lose your mucus plug, another is your water breaking. In some cases, however neither of these events take place until labor is established, so don’t panic if they don’t happen to you.

You’ll definitely know you’re in labor when your contractions are occurring regularly, approximately every 15 minutes – time the gap between them. True contractions will get longer, stronger, and closer together as time goes on, and won’t go away when you walk around or change position.


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