Pregnancy Week 38 – Baby Is Full Term!!!

37 weeks pregnant

With 37 pregnancy weeks completed my baby is full term now!!!  It felt like forever to get to this point and now I could give birth in any moment! I feel my baby hiccuping a lot, wriggling and twisting but I feel I am still unaware of what my life will look like after she comes to this world!

I must admit that this week was the most challenging one in terms of fatigue – I was soooo tired.

What’s happening this week? 

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 35-36 cm or 13.8-14.2 inches. Baby weighs about 3-3.1 kg or 6.6-6.8 pounds.
  • Backaches, menstrual type cramps and increased pelvic pressure may be early signs of labor.
  • For another week or so, the uterus is still the best place for your baby while the finishing touches to her development take place.
  • The placenta has reached its full size and is spread out like a plate. It will continue to function for the full duration of the pregnancy.
  • Parts of the skeleton, particularly the long bones of the arms and legs, have hardened, a process known as ossification.
  • The hands may be curled into fists, grasping the umbilical cord or free-floating with fingers outstretched. The grasp reflex is very strong.
  • The head may now be fully engaged. At this stage there are several normal variations in position and the direction in which the baby is facing.
The above was compiled also thanks to Pregnancy Day By Day


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