Pregnancy Week 35 – Feeling Great :)

34 weeks pregnant on the beach

Starting pregnancy week 35 with only 3 weeks to go until baby is full-term!!! How exciting! We’re getting closer and closer!!! And after I discovered the magical effect of apples – my heartburn problems disappeared! What a relief!!! I am feeling really great with no disturbing side effects! Yey!

What’s happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 33 cm or 13 inches. Baby weighs about 2.3-2.5 kg or 5.2-5.6 pounds (my baby probably weighs around 1.9 kg as she is following the weight increase curve described by Pregnancy Day By Day).
  • Baby should be turned head down and preparing for birth.
  • Baby’s lanugo hair is starting to disappear.
  • Baby’s movements may change as she has less room to move around. Instead of kicks, she may be shuffling around, practicing for the outside world, teaching herself to suckle and focus her vision.
  • Your baby’s eyes first began to develop two weeks after conception and then all of the major eye structures are formed over the following four weeks. The eye, however, keeps growing during the pregnancy and the optic nerve continues to develop after birth. The eyes have begin opening since 26 weeks of pregnancy but, until now, eye movements have been poorly coordinated. Eye movements are first seen at 18 weeks but they are random and infrequent. Movements become more frequent from 26 weeks and now, in the final few weeks, movements settle into a cycle of rest alternating with rapid eye movement (REM). Some light does get through to the uterus and baby is now much more responsive to strong lights.
  • The lungs are filled with fluid which will disappear when the baby takes her first breath.
  • It’s a good time to talk to your health care provider about pain relief options during labor.
  • Get some exercise as it boosts your energy and relieves some aches and pains of late pregnancy.


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