Mexican Bola

Mexican Bola

The Mexican Bola is a musical pendant worn by pregnant mums. It’s worn on the belly and the sound of a tiny xylophone inside the pendant comforts the baby inside your womb. The subtle chime sound can be heard by both mother and baby as the mother gets on with her day. Generations of Mexican mothers have used it for its calming effect on babies during pregnancy and after their children were born. The bola is most effective later on in the pregnancy as research has shown that babies start to hear sounds in the womb around week 20 into pregnancy.

I got this musical pendant from a friend who just had a baby and I must admit I had no idea that these charms even existed, I even had to look up what they were called! But after a little research I now know that it’s called a “Bola”. I wear it when I walk and it does make a subtle pleasant sound. I’m not exactly sure of its effect on the baby but I guess it can’t hurt. After all, I am listening to a lot of music which I plan to play both during childbirth and after to calm my baby.

Another good reason to wear it is that I actually had the chance to test it with my friend’s baby today. She left her crying baby girl with me and showing her the musical charm did calm her down! Coincidence? Maybe, but anything that can work when you have a screaming baby in your hands is certainly worth trying!!!

It seems that few moms have heard of these pendants, but here’s one I found on amazon in case you want a quick link to get one 🙂 Sterling Silver 5/8″ Harmony Ball Pendant, with snake chain.


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