Hypnobirthing – Women Are Made To Have Babies

On the one hand it seems like I’ve been pregnant for a long time, on the other hand days are flying for me now, so it’s only logical that I prepare for childbirth. HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing (3rd Edition) caught my attention and here are my favorite excerpts from the book:

Childbirth is not supposed to hurt

Dr. Dick-Read first became sensitive to the true nature of labor and birth in a humble, poverty-ridden setting in London in 1913. As a young intern in London’s White Chapel District in the heart of the East End slums, he was called to attend a woman in labor. After traveling on his bicycle through mud and rain, he arrived about three in the morning at a low hovel near some railroad arches. He found his way to a small apartment where he discovered his patient in a dim room, soaked from the rain pouring in from the leaky roof. She was covered only with sacks and an old black skirt. He asked permission to put the mask over her face and administer chloroform. Her emphatic refusal was a first for Dick-Read. He returned the chloroform and mask to his bag, stood back and watched as she, with little more than gentle breathing, birthed her baby. The baby was born with no fuss or noise from the mother. As he prepared to leave, Dick-Read asked why she had refused the relief from pain. She gave him an answer that he was never to forget. “It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t supposed to, was it, Doctor?”

African women receive their own babies

[In Africa] a laboring mother goes about her usual daily routine until she feels the baby begin to move down. She then leaves what she is doing and finds a wall or support to lean her back against. Propped in this way, she extends her knees and crouches down, with her lower arms and elbows resting on the upper part of her slightly bent legs. As the baby emerges, she leans down with her extended hands and says, “Baby come.” She receives her own baby.

I’m made to have babies – I’m a woman

[One mum] went into labor spontaneously and called the homebirth midwife to come and check her because she was “getting some strange sensations”! The midwife stayed for an hour and concluded that there was no way the mum was in active labor. The midwife could not tell when the mum was having surges and had to ask her to indicate them by squeezing her husband’s hand so that the baby could be monitored.

Baby and mother were so calm that the midwife said that she would leave them for a few hours and to call if things progressed. The mum then said, “Before you go, can you just tell me – is it normal to want to push at this stage?” The midwife was compelled to do an exam and found that the mum was fully open and the head was visible! A beautiful baby boy was breathed into the world twenty minutes later.

Later, as the midwife was leaving, she said to a very ecstatic, proud and alert mum, “Well, I have never seen anything like that before. You are obviously made to have babies.” To which the mum replied: “Yes, I’m a woman!”

(Crying baby photo: credit to FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


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