Prenatal Classes – Lesson 1

Perineal massage

I started my prenatal classes for natural childbirth today and here’s what I learnt: birthing and being a mom is an event you can prepare for, here are some practical things every pregnant lady should do to prepare:

PERINEAL MASSAGE – locate your perineum (it’s the area between your vulva and anus). Wash and dry. Apply some natural almond oil on your finger and massage the area from the right to left side at the same time making little circular motions with your finger. Do this for 2 minutes (until the oil has been absorbed) six times a week. The idea is that of wearing new shoes. The first time you go out they can hurt like hell but after regular use you feel comfortable. Your body will remember that you did these exercises and birthing will be much more comfortable.  I’m not an artist but here’s a “gynecological” view of the area and the spiral motion required for the massage.

BREASTS MASSAGE – to prepare for breastfeeding we can massage the nipples with lemon juice for 1 minute a day. If you feel a burning sensation, stop, wash the area and apply almond oil.

BREATHING VISUALIZATION – birthing mothers need to breathe through the contractions, otherwise they might block the flow of oxygen to their babies. Our body knows how to breathe, when we are running we breathe differently than when we are reading a book. The idea is to trust the body that it will breathe as needed and to totally concentrate on this breath. The trick is to focus. Every time you inhale think about your lungs filling with air, every time you exhale think about the lungs being emptied. Instead of lungs you can visualize balloons or anything else that you fill with air as you inhale and empty as you exhale. Then practice this breathing several times a day.

BELLY DANCING – I was ecstatic to find out that belly dancing was recommended as I have been practicing it for months to ease labor. We were recommended to make circles, horizontal figure eights and then to write a whole phrase with our hips. It was a peace of cake for me but I saw the majority struggled.


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