Pregnancy Week 32 and Plus 9 Kg

31 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant

I lost weight! I had gained 11 kg from the beginning of my pregnancy to week 29 and since then I lost 2 kg! However if you compare the pictures, especially if you look at my growing pregnant belly slideshow you will notice that the bump is getting bigger! So why am I lighter? I’m thinking for two reasons: one is the fact that two weeks ago I changed my diet from the cruise ship delicacies to my mother-in-law’s mediterranean cuisine, which is fresher and lighter. Number two is the fact that I’ve been regularly throwing up in the last week. It must have something to do with the baby squeezing my internal organs. It’s funny, I had no morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy until now, but – what to do?

This week somebody let me jump the line for the first time in my pregnancy! One lady let me buy bagels in the bakery shop even though I was standing behind her 🙂 Also I got a few laughs from people who seemed a little disgusted that my stomach was out of shape. Guess who was laughing when I told them I was almost 8 months pregnant!

What is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 29 cm or 11.4 inches. Baby weighs about 1.7kg-1.8kg or 3.75-4 pounds.
  • Baby is likely to be near her maximum length now, since her bones have almost reached their full pre-birth growth.
  • Increasing layers of fat and muscle are rounding out the baby’s body and she looks less skinny.
  • Baby’s movements are mainly from side to side, and mom will not know where to expect the kicks to come from.
  • Baby’s skinn starts to look pinker and less translucent.
  • Baby begins storing iron, phosphorous and calcium.
  • Baby’s testicles (if a boy) may be located in the scrotal sac now.
  • Baby is gaining weight more rapidly now.
  • Creases can be seen in the skin of the baby’s wrists and the palms of the hands.
  • The amount of amniotic fluid within the uterus is at its maximum over the next two weeks but will subsequently start to reduce gradually.
  • If mom listens to music while pregnant, baby will be tuning in!


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