Hospital Bag For Labor Checklist

Baby's first clothes

Baby’s first clothes

My labor/delivery hospital bag is packed! It’s right under my bed waiting for the big day and it’s…big and heavy! I still have 2 months to go but I had this sudden need to get everything ready. Call it nesting or being a control freak, but it’s there and here’s what’s in it:


  • T-shirts, shorts, night gowns.
  • Slippers.
  • Ipod and speaker so I can listen to my favorite music (I find music extremely sooting and helpful both at the dentist’s and during blood withdrawals so it’s a must!)
  • My favorite Belgian chocolate – mama’s gotta snack!
  • Towels and bathrobe (I’m planning on having a water birth).
  • A book to read (maybe I’m crazy but I’m bringing Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth with me).
  • All the documentation from pregnancy (exam results) and insurance.


  • Night gowns (I have three that open in front) and shirts in which I can breastfeed.
  • Towels.
  • Some clothes (shorts, t-shirts and something stunning I can wear when I get out of the hospital, most probably not my skinny jeans just yet as I couldn’t button them up starting from week 28.)
  • Socks – it’ll be summer but they might turn the AC on and mommy doesn’t want to shiver!
  • Flip-flops (public showers gross me out.)
  • Underwear – and I don’t mean my Victoria Secret’s favorites. I’ve got “beautiful” maternity underwear that goes up to my breasts for the occasion 😉 I won’t have any problem with throwing those away if things get messy!
  • Disposable underwear – when things get really messy (ick).
  • A book to read (people say I won’t have time and they’re probably right, but I’m bringing The Mind Of Your Newborn Baby)
  • Motherhood Maternity: Postpartum Support Belt – gotta get back in shape in no time!
  • Nursing pads & gel pads (for the nipples).
  • Nursing bras.
  • My regular toiletries and cosmetics (sanitary napkins certainly! Lip balm has to be there too!)
  • My multivitamin.
  • Camera and charger.
  • Phone and charger.
  • Obviously I need to take my computer and the cables to download and send out the first photos of my baby!!! I might even prepare a mailing list in advance 😉 Maybe now.


  • My baby’s first clothes! T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, socks, underwear,hats, onesies and blankets. In different sizes (I don’t know how big my baby is going to be!) and all times six! I might be a little exaggerated but at least I’m not bringing ALL the stuff my baby needs.
  • Burp cloths.
  • Pacifiers.
  • The diaper bag? My hospital doesn’t request it but it might be a good idea 🙂 I could bring a nursing pillow but how is that going to fit in my already massive bag?
  • The car seat will hopefully have been installed by then! (That’s dad’s job!)


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  1. Anonymous
    December 30, 2013 at 2:35 am #

    A folder for your baby’s papers and forms.

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