5 Lies Pregnant Women Like to Tell

(FARTING) “IT WAS YOU”. I love the “Family Guy” episode in which Peter Griffin farts in the elevator and tells his fellow passenger that it was him! Although I don’t exactly use the phrase “it was you” when I execute one, I have found myself in various social situations, in which I was afraid my personal emissions might have been noticed but I just minded my own business as if nothing happened! You just don’t know it’s coming, as Miranda successfully demonstrates in one of the “Sex and the City” episodes, when she pulls her own finger.

“I’M SO PREGNANT, CAN YOU DO THAT FOR ME”. We often happily overuse our pregnant state so that people do us favors, like Phoebe demonstrates in a “Friends” episode, when she tells Rachel she has a wedgie. It’s true that we are more tired than usual but sometimes we’re just lazy and don’t feel like getting up and actually doing chores. But then hey, we deserve it after all the morning sickness, backaches and sleepless nights we have to go through (well most of us anyway).

“I’M EATING FOR TWO”. This must be a favorite. Yes, we are eating for two but that doesn’t mean we need twice as much food! A tiny little baby doesn’t require 5 additional hamburgers a day! We only need additional 300 calories a day in the second trimester and additional 450 in the third trimester to satisfy our baby’s needs and that can be found in a couple of glasses of milk and a tuna sandwich.

“BABY’S SLEEPING NOW (SO HANDS OFF MY BELLY)”. Don’t we all do that? Well, if you’re assertive and the stranger’s hands are not welcome you just say the baby’s snoozing and they wouldn’t feel a thing anyway. It’s a white little lie and a very polite way of expressing your need for your own space.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S A BOY OR A GIRL AS LONG AS IT’S HEALTHY”. Oh come on! We’ve all said that but we all have some preferences. Of course the health part comes first but since we were little girls playing in our doll house and pretending to be mamas we already had the idea of whether we wanted to be raising a girl or a boy. In some areas of the world like India, parents feel so strongly about the sex of their child that gender ultrasounds are banned. Boys are an asset and girls are a liability, and sex selective abortion has grown into a million dollar industry. That’s a shocking example but many of us do have preferences, especially if it’s not our first child.

On the other hand there are some parents who tend not to mind at all what gender their child is even after birth. They let their little ones wear both boy and girl clothes and keep their sex a secret from society, claiming that the idea that “the whole world must know what is between the baby’s legs is unhealthy, unsafe, and voyeuristic“. Is the genderless baby idea going to become a thing? Doubtful, but people certainly feel very strong about it.


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