Pregnancy Week 30 – Baby is Getting Fatter, Mommy is Getting Ready

29 weeks pregnant belly photo

29 weeks pregnant belly photo

Baby is getting fatter and I can certainly feel her punching, dancing, jumping, doing acrobatic tricks, kicking, hiccuping and poking! But it’s a delightful feeling ūüôā

If you compare this week’s photo to last week’s you will definitely notice the difference! I’m even afraid to weigh myself!

I am finally starting to attract some attention from strangers although when I went to the store to try on some clothes only a few days ago the shop assistants didn’t notice I was pregnant until I told them!

I must admit my nesting instincts really kicked in, just like my favorite pregnancy book Pregnancy Day By Day says, and I started unpacking all the cute little baby clothes I recently purchased and got them ready for washing.

I’m also close to ¬†getting my suitcase ready and am gathering the last items necessary. It looks like I have all the baby stuff I need but am missing some mommy stuff!

And I really can’t wait for my baby girl to arrive to this world – I even had a little practice with a 4 month old today and it was so great, I am totally unprepared but surprisingly so ready for this miracle.

10 weeks to go!

What else is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 27 cm or 10.6 inches. Baby weighs about 1300-1400 rams or 2.8-3.1 pounds.
  • Baby’s total length (head to toe) is approximately 15.5 inches.
  • Baby is breathing rhythmically but lungs are still not fully mature.
  • Baby’s eyes respond to light.
  • Baby’s bones are fully developed.
  • In the brain, nerve cells are developing into distinct areas that will eventually control specific functions such as memory and coordinated movement. As yet, the neural network is very immature.
  • Mom is feeling a lot of strong kicks, although the baby is moving around less.
  • The amniotic sac has finished growing and is no longer forming new cells. Because the membranes of the sac are highly elastic, they keep stretching as the baby gets bigger.
  • The tip of the baby’s nose is still upturned and the bridge is becoming more evident.
  • Baby hiccups, which is very easy to feel.


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