Pregnancy Week 29 and Plus 11 Kg

I must admit I now started to draw some attention to myself and my belly and I actually find it to be a lot of fun! It’s very enjoyable and everybody is very kind 🙂

28 weeks pregnant

28 weeks pregnant

I now started to feel my belly and it’s in the way when I want to tie my shoes or lean forward for a longer while. And the baby girl is kicking almost constantly which is very pleasurable most of the time, with the exception being when I really want to sleep!

Also, I weighed myself and I gained 11 kg (24 pounds) which is quite a lot for somebody whose pregnancy a nurse found surprising at 5 months!

What else is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 26 cm or 10.2 inches. Baby weighs around 1.1-1.2 kg or 2.4-2.75 pounds.
  • Baby is picking up body fat and filling out.
  • Baby is partially able to control its body temperature now. Mom may be experiencing increased urination again.
  • As mom’s belly continues to get bigger it may put pressure on the ribs and diaphragm.
  • A jellylike fluid in the coiling umbilical cord prevents it from becoming compressed as the baby twists and turns.
  • Fine lanugo hairs cover the baby’s body. Most will disappear before the birth, but a few may still be seen on the baby’s back when it’s born.
  • Baby’s brain continues to get bigger and its surface is beginning to take on the creases and folds seen in mature brains.
  • Mom may be trying to decide whether or not to circumcise if baby is a boy.
  • Some pregnant women experience restless legs syndrome.
  • Some pregnant women experience leakage of breast milk, perhaps when their breasts are stimulated, and sometimes for no apparent reason.
  • Mom might experience back pain but there are thing you can do to help prevent and relieve it.
  • Mom might be bored of being pregnant but there are weighs to tackle pregnancy boredom.


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Growing Pregnant Belly Week By Week

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