Pregnancy Week 28 – No More Skinny Jeans!

I couldn’t button up my skinny jeans!!! This is the first week this happened! Baby must be growing!!!

27 weeks pregnant

27 weeks pregnant

And apart from growing she’s either kicking like crazy making my belly jump up and down or I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions!!! Can’t really tell which one it is!

What else is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 25 cm or 9.8 inches. Baby weighs around 1-1.1 kg or 2.2-2.4 pounds.
  • Baby starts to recognize mom’s voice.
  • If baby is  a boy, tests are descending.
  • Baby’s eyelashes are growing longer and thicker.
  • Hair on baby’s head is growing longer.
  • Baby’s lungs have establish a rhythmical pattern, which helps to speed up their development.
  • Many babies now move into a head-down position, though they are like to keep turning for a few weeks.
  • Baby had developed a sleep-wake cycle very similar to the one it will have in the days and weeks after birth.
  • Mom should be tested for gestational diabetes.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions may be increasing.
  • In some women, the pelvic joint is painful at this stage of pregnancy due to hormonal changes.
  • As moms uterus grows, the diaphragm is compressed with the result that mom may find it difficult to breathe deeply.

Burning calories:

My favorite pregnancy book Pregnancy Day By Day says that during pregnancy your body will store fat – mainly in the hips, thighs, and abdomen – to ensure there is enough energy for your baby to grow. Usually, the body relies on glucose for energy but in mid and late pregnancy, hormonal and metabolic changes facilitate the use of fats as an energy source. If you exercise regularly without adding on calories, you could be reducing the amount of stored fat. In addition, doing cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercise regularly tends to increase your metabolic rate slightly, therefore even when you’re not exercising, your body will burn more calories.


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