Belly Dancing For Labor

What do you do when you’ve been exercising all your life and as you fall pregnant you find out you can’t do those killer ab sessions anymore? Or what do you do when everybody says you need to work out while pregnant as this will make your labor easier and you will get back in shape much quicker?

Of course there is a wide variety of options like walking, swimming, joining a class for pregnant ladies but what I found absolutely wonderful is this DVD: The Perfect Pregnancy Workout vol. 3:The Ancient Art of Belly Dance for Labor

I’ve bought several pregnancy workouts and I will describe more of them in my future posts but this is the one I do at least 4 times a week. It’s only 40 min long but it makes me feel absolutely amazing when I’m done! And the last 5 minutes get you mentally prepared for labor as you stretch, imagine the feeling is a contraction and visualize belly dancing movements. I will be able to tell whether these techniques really worked after I give birth but right now I do feel like I am doing my homework and getting prepared 🙂

This dvd also features the dancer doing her belly dancing moves during labor, which by the way was a very short one!


According to Margaret Sherburn, lecturer at University of Melbourne in Women’s Health Physiotherapy:

• In general, pregnant women can safely exercise 3-4 times a week, at moderate intensity (high intensity OK for ~ 15 mins, low intensity for longer periods), with any form of exercise that doesn’t stress the softened joints, or that is not dangerously competitive.

• It is generally all right to take up belly dance (or other exercise) when pregnant, even if the woman hasn’t done it before. Start with low intensity & increase slowly.

• Avoid a very high heart rate, as this possibly means less oxygen is going to the baby. Getting puffed is all right to the extent that it’s still possible to talk during the exercise.

• Avoid overheating, as this overheats the baby. Ensure that the woman drinks plenty of water.

• A woman who is generally unfit will get hot and tired quicker than one who is fit, so keep an eye on her particular state. Not all women will take the initiative to slow down or have a drink when they need to – keep an eye on them and tell them to take breaks when necessary.

• If the woman has a lot of pain or exhaustion in the 24 hours after the class, lessen the exercise. If pain or exhaustion still continues, don’t do the class.

• If health remains ‘normal’, there’s no need to stop belly dance right up to labour. It will help with fitness for labour.

You can find more on pregnancy and belly dancing here.


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