Pregnancy Week 27 – Baby’s Eyes Open!

This week the baby opens her eyes – what a wonderful milestone! I wonder if she now actually aims her wild kicks right between my ribs so that it’s more fun 😉

So at 26 weeks I gained 9 kg or 20 pounds, which is the exact recommended pregnancy weight gain!

My book Pregnancy Day By Day tells me that an ideal weight gain is up to 2.2 kg (5 pounds) in the first trimester, up to 9 kg (20 pounds) in the second trimester, and up to 5 kg (11 pounds) in the third trimester. So you see that you gain most in your second trimester.

I am now 9 kg heavier but still almost nobody ever notices that I am pregnant! Nobody ever let me jump the line or gave up a seat for me! One friend suggested I stuff my belly with a pillow and start complaining more to get some attention 🙂

26 weeks pregnant

26 weeks pregnant

What else is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rum length is 24 cm or 9.4 inches. Baby weighs about 850-1000 grams or 1.8-2.2 pounds.
  • The baby is taking up a lot of space in the uterus and there is less amniotic fluid surrounding it.
  • Baby has a strong grip.
  • Baby is able to cry.
  • Moms are averaging a 1/2-1 pound weight gain now.
  • Moms may be experiencing groin pains and back pains.
  • The baby kicks often and a large kick against your ribs may take your breath away.
  • A boy baby’s tests often descend fully into the scrotum around about now. However, in some babies, the testes remain in the pelvic cavity until after birth.

How to avoid back pain?

  • Do sports to stay strong.
  • Wear a support belt.
  • Sleep with a pillow between your legs to ease the stress on your back.
  • Stretch – flexibility will help your back to relax and prevent your muscles from getting too tense. I recommend belly dancing for labor.
  • Keep your back supported by the back of the chair when you sit.


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