Pregnancy Week 22 – Baby Shopping List

I find this to be an absolute miracle – I have an almost ready baby in my belly, in fact the youngest baby ever to be born and have survived was born this week. The baby is 25 cm and weighs 300 grams and looks so real in pictures. I am simply astounded by this miracle happening inside me. I also gained 5 kg since the beginning of my pregnancy, which is quite reassuring because I don’t really look pregnant.

21 weeks pregnant

21 weeks pregnant

And as for my reading: Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality This is the first book I read that was not about pregnancy but about the newborn and I must admit that I felt it was invaluable in terms of helping me compile my baby shopping list!

What else is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 19 cm or 7.5 inches. Baby weighs about 350-425 grams or 12.3-15 ounces.
  • Baby’s eyelashes and eyebrows are growing.
  • Baby now sleeps and wakes on a somewhat regular schedule.
  • Baby’s hands move constantly, reaching out to touch the face or clutch at the umbilical cord.
  • Every bone in your baby’s body now contains bone marrow capable of producing blood cells.
  • Beneath the baby’s skin, layers of body fat are being stored. Fats are essential because they contribute to the full development of the nervous system.
  • In boy babies, the tests are still hidden within the pelvic cavity.
  • Mom’s uterus may now reach above her belly button, but there is a wide variation in belly size among women at the same week of pregnancy.
  • If mom often walks into a room and forgets why she’s there, she shouldn’t be concerned – she’s simply developed “pregnancy brain”!
  • During the second trimester, mom feels less fatigue and more energy.
  • Mom should continue to exercise.


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