Orgasmic Birth vs. Hollywood Childbirth

I know it’s early – I’m only 4 months pregnant but I am already thinking about giving birth and reading so much positive material that I am really excited about it!

To start with I don’t want the big day to look like the average American traumatic birthing experience we are used to watching on TV. Believe it or not but common maternity practices may actually make it harder to have a safe and healthy birth.

I just finished reading Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying, and Pleasurable Birth Experience and I was delighted to read stories of women who had beautiful natural births – something I wish for. I am already doing belly dancing for labor and I am very serene and feel very empowered about the idea of giving birth – I think there is nothing more feminine and sexy than the birth experience, or in the words of the authors “birth is part of the love making continuum”

I already know I want a vaginal birth and I have already been to the hospital I chose, seen the tub I will give birth in, talked to the midwives who told me to prepare my favorite music, told me the lights would be dimmed and that skin to skin contact would be ensured right after birth.

I also educated myself as to the different types of labor and their effects on the child’s life from Pre-Parenting: Nurturing Your Child from Conception:
“Each mode of delivery may be retained in emotional or cellular memory, influencing personality and actions throughout lifetime:

vaginal – healthy sense of self; feeling in control of one’s life; optimistic; an active doer,

forceps used – child tends to need assistance but often resists it; life may be perceived as a struggle; tendency for headaches, neck and shoulder pain,

episiotomy – same as forceps, plus child may feel guilty for pain inflicted on the mother,

cesarean section – tendency to feel helpless under stress; often sensitive to being interrupted; may suffer from cuddle hunger, that is, an inordinate need for touch,

induced with Pitocin – sense of being rushed; resentful of controls; may be rebellious,

breech – may be very determined, headstrong; likes to do things her way; may have difficulty moving forward in life,

delayed (doctor not available) – may feel held back in life; react violently to perceived unfair treatment; may be inhibited,

premature – child tends to be early and fast in life; may feel rushed; always in a hurry,

postmature – child tends to be late and slow in life; tendency to procrastinate”.

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