Pregnancy Week 9 – Announcing We’re Pregnant!

It was Christmas at the end of this week and we figured, what better way to tell our family than in the form of a Christmas present.

So here’s the actual gift my dad got for Christmas – to the delights of all attendees! My mom got a similar one saying “My Grandma Makes Me Smile”.

Now my not drinking, long sleeping, naps and doctor’s visits, healthy eating and lighter workouts were all excused!

What is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 12 mm or 0.5 inches. Baby weighs about 1 gram.
  • Baby’s external ears are developing.
  • Mom’s clothing is probably getting tight now.
  • Washing your face several times a day may help with skin breakouts.
  • Baby’s optic nerve and eyelids are developing.
  • Baby’s arms and legs are moving now. This would be visible on ultrasound.
  • You may be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat via doppler.
  • Baby’s yolk sack shrink further and soon will not be needed.
  • Baby’s head is still bowed over the bulge of its stomach.
  • Individual fingers are distinct, but are still not totally separate.
  • The major organs of the baby’s digestive system have all started to develop but are not ready to carry out any digestive functions.
  • The toes are less advance that the fingers and still appear budlike.
  • The eyes, which until now have been on the side of the baby’s head, have migrated around to the front.
  • Elbows are now able to move.
  • Baby’s unique facial features are beginning to take shape.
  • Your uterus is growing to accommodate the baby and now starts to tilt upward.
  • Many women have cravings.


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