Pregnancy Week 6 – So Tired!

To tell or not to tell? Many couples wait till they pass the 12 week mark, when the risk of miscarriage is lowest. Some couples just can’t wait to announce their amazing news to the world. It’s a matter of choice. If you do not tell and you have visible pregnancy symptoms like nausea or fatigue, you’re sort of telling anyway. I was so tired! Daily napping and putting my feet up became a routine. And at this point I only told 3 very close friends. I waited a few more weeks to gradually announce the news to more and more family and friends.

What’s happening this week?

  • Baby is approximately 2 mm long.
  • Baby’s limb buds are noticeable now.
  • Baby’s mouth, jaw and esophagus are forming.
  • Baby’s heart begins to beet, although only visible through ultrasound.
  • The yolk sac still provides the majority of your baby’s nourishment.
  • The baby’s head folds forward over the body.
  • The umbilical cord contains blood vessels to and rom the developing placenta, but they do not yet supply all of your baby’s nutrients.
  • A curved tail-like extension has developed.
  • The buds that will grow into arms and legs have started to sprout.
  • Small pits on either side of the baby’s head represent the first signs of developing of eyes.
  • Not all women start to feel pregnant this early on. Some experience a twinge of nausea or breast tenderness, while others notice no changes at all.
  • Eating dry crackers may help with morning sickness.
  • Moms should plan rest periods throughout the day to help with fatigue.


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Author:Alinka Rutkowska

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