Pregnancy Week 13 – Flying Pregnant!

12 weeks pregnant

12 weeks pregnant

Welcome to the Second Trimester or to the Golden Age of Pregnancy! At least that’s what I read somewhere. If you had nausea in your first trimester, you should be over it now. If you were tired, you should have more energy now. This should the best few months to go on a babymoon (vacation with your partner before your baby is born), you should feel very comfortable when traveling.

I haven’t had any nausea and have been feeling great (although often tired) throughout my first trimester and I took one intercontinental flight and 6 short ones so far. I’m going to take another 4 short and 1 intercontinental flight in the following 2 weeks. I read that spending less than 200 hours flying while pregnant does not put your baby at risk and the only reason you might be discouraged to fly is if you have heavy pregnancy symptoms, since they are much heavier when you’re in the sky. As for my pregnant flying routine: I wear compression stockings, drink plenty of water and get up every 45 minutes to walk. I also have all my luggage on wheels and if I need to lift it I look for a handsome victim to help me.

One pregnancy calendar said I could probably start wearing maternity clothes this week. Well attached is a picture of me today, I guess it’s too early for that!

I also read that if you sing a lullaby while pregnant then this lullaby will calm your baby every time you sing it after he’s born. So guess what I’m doing now? I’m already singing my favorite childhood songs to my so far flat belly!

What else is happening this week?

  • Baby’s crown to rump length is 5-6 cm or 2.0-2.4 inches. Baby weighs about 14 grams or 0.5 ounces.
  • Baby’s skin is pink and delicate.
  • Baby is making hormones such as insulin now.
  • Baby’s liver is producing bile.
  • Baby’s arms and legs are lengthening rapidly and muscle control is developing.
  • Baby’s eyes have moved more toward the front of the face but they are still tightly closed.
  • Baby’s ankle joints have matured and the toes have separated.
  • In the amniotic sac, there is room to move freely and baby is very active. Amniotic fluid cushions the kicks and wiggles, so you won’t feel anything.
  • The baby’s body ha no underlying fat, and the bones look prominent beneath the delicate skin.
  • Pregnancy amnesis kicks in. Mom may find herself forgetful.
  • If sleeping on your belly is impossible, try sleeping on your side.


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