Pregnancy Week 10 – Bigger Breasts?

My book Pregnancy Day By Day says it’s time to purchase bigger bras, I don’t see such a need unfortunately! Apart from checking whether my breasts were bigger, I spent the last week of this risky period (5-10 weeks when the risk for birth defects is highest) doing some sightseeing, socializing and chilling.

What is happening this week?

  • This is baby’s last week as an embryo, next week it’ll be known as a fetus.
  • Baby’s crown to rump length  is 20 mm or 0.75 inches. Baby weighs about 2 grams.
  • Baby’s muscles in trunk, limbs, and head are developing.
  • Male and female genitalia still look very similar.
  • Development of heart is complete.
  • Warm and cold compresses may help with headaches.
  • Baby very clearly looks like a baby now.
  • Baby’s head has lifted slightly off the chest.
  • The nose protrudes from the face and has a definite shape.
  • The mouth and lis are now nearly fully developed.
  • The yolk sac is not needed anymore and is shrinking away.
  • The placenta is now fully functioning. It will be the baby’s lifeline until the end of pregnancy.
  • The umbilical cord takes blood between the baby and the placenta.
  • The bulge at the base of the umbilical cord contains developing intestines.
  • The fingers and toes have lengthened and separated.
  • The outer ear is fully formed but not yet in its final position, which will be higher up.
  • The wrist has formed and is able to bend.
  • The uterus continues to enlarge and lift upward.
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Author:Alinka Rutkowska

Alinka is a best-selling and award-winning Children's Author.


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