Pregnancy Week 3 – One Sperm Has Won The Race!

You don’t know it yet but early this week one sperm will have made it to your egg and that will become your baby! Some women claim they can feel concepction, good for them! I’m not that psychic 🙂

What’s happening this week?

  • Once sperm enters egg, the egg splits and forms nuclei of ovum. Sperm nuclei and ovum nuclei join and this is fertilization. The sperm’s head carries genetic material along with enzymes that enable the sperm to penetrate the egg’s tough outer layer.
  • It takes just 3 days from fertilization for a single egg to divide into a ball of 58 cells. By the end of this week, this ball, called the blastocyst, will have reached the uterus, where it will start to implant in the lining.
  • The outer cells of the blastocyst anchor into the lining of the uterus.
  • Cell cluster within the blastocyst’s fluid-filled cavity forms the beginnings of the embryo.
  • Until day 15 baby is considered a zygote.
  • Sex of your baby is determined at the moment of fertilization. You can find out your baby’s gender around week 20.
  • Zygote is rapidly dividing and is surrounded by the zona pellucida, which holds the cells together.
  • The inner solid ball of cells is called the blastocyst.
  • The zygote is fed by uterine secretions from uterine glands.

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